If you want to work with LocalizR there are some tips how can you start

Create a new project


If you started working with the LocalizR you should create a new project with the add button on the bottom of your screen. After this you should give a name to your project, choose the language of the translation, and add your XML file from your SD card.

If can't find the language what you need, you also can add your own language with the "Other..." option on the bottom of the language list. If you are done you should just click to "OK".



When you open your project with clicking to its name, you can see the strings what you should translate. By clicking to one of them you can open the translation page. This page is divided to three patrs:


1. The string tab


On this tab you can see the name of the translateable document and its status. It can be:


Under translation

or Undone


2. Working area


In this area can you working. Under the string tab you can see the translateable document and under this you can find the input field.


3. Operation buttons


On the bottom of your screen are the operation buttons. With the "Finished" button you can mark the document as done, and with the "Later" you can mark your document as under translation or undone (if you didn't translate anything on the actual text)...

Adding comments


The LocalizR can handle the comments in the string.xml files. All comments are goint to attached to the text document which are before. On the top of your screen right side you can see a word bubble. If the in the bubble is text, a comment belong to the text document. If you click it you can read it, and if you want you can overwrite it.


If the bubble is empty there isn't any comment what belong to the text, but you also can add your own comment. All comments what you write to the texts will be inserted to the XML file what you'll be generate, and the developer will see them.

Informations and operations with the project


On the "Informations" page you can find interesting informations about your translation. Unther these informations are three buttons. With the blue buttons you can export your translation. If you want to generate the finally XML click the "Export as XML" button.


If you want to save the whole translation project click the "Export project" . If you're going to choose this option a LCZR file will be generated to your SD card. If you open this file with the LocalizR the whole project will be add to your work table, and there you can continue where you left off it.


If you want to mail your translation or the whole project to the developer immediately, you can do this with the green "Quickmail" button. You can set a default addressee in the Settings.


If you don't need a project anymore you can easily delete it with the yellow "Delete" button

If you have any other question about the application you can mail us: jakubakos@gmail.com

You can also join to the LocalizR community. If you have some problem with the application, or you're just looking for translators (or translateable applications) you can find here support 😉